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Records multiple videos at the same time

GREC:Recorder Will Rock Your World

Doesn’t this annoy you? Five of your favorite profiles on Instagram goes live at the same time and you obviously can't view all of them at once.

With GREC:Recorder, you can either watch, or record and save live videos from any Instagram profile. Once configured, GREC:Recorder will allow you to watch or automatically record and save live videos from any IG profile; that way, you will never again miss another live recording.

GREC:Recorder is currently the only app that will automatically detect, record, and save live videos from IG profiles. And that's not all; it does everything seamlessly in the background while you are doing something else on the phone. And guess what? Even without an internet connection, the GREC:Recorder will still record and save those live videos.

Recording Multiple Instagram Live Videos Has Never Been Easier!

GREC:Recorder makes it possible to record up to 20 Instagram Live videos simultaneously.

Step 1

Step 1. Click

Click on the plus button to select Instagram profiles you want to record when they goes live.

Step 2

Step 2. Select

Select Instagram profiles you want to add to the auto-recording list by clicking on the rec button.

Step 3

Step 3. Enjoy

After the live video end, you will be able to watch online or download a video to your device.

4 Reasons Why You Need GREC:Recorder

  • You do Instagram Live videos.
  • GREC:Recorder saves all your Live Instagram videos when you forget to save them after a live session.

  • You follow tons of Instagram profiles who do Live videos.
  • GREC:Recorder keeps track and records Live videos from all your IG profiles who do Live videos.

  • You cannot, at the same time, watch multiple IG Live videos.
  • Many IG profiles you follow sometimes do Live videos at the same time; you can only watch one at any given time, and the ones you miss are gone forever if the video owner doesn't save those videos. GREC:Recorder takes care of this problem by automatically detecting, recording, and saving Live videos from those IG profiles you are following.

  • It's FREE!
  • You heard right, GREC:Recorder a.k.a igliverec is a free app, just download, open and use. It's that simple.

4 Reason Why You Need GREC:Recorder
Cloud sotrage

Cloud Storage

No more worries about storage - all videos will be archived in the cloud.

Record Multiple Profiles

Record Multiple Profiles

You can easily record multiple profiles at the same time.

Record Long Videos

Record Long Videos

No matter how long the video is - the app will record it for you.

Automatically Records

Automatically Records

Record LIVE videos automatically - even when your phone is offline.

Download instagram videos/stories

Download Videos

Download videos directly to your mobile device or watch videos online.

Bookmark video records

Favorites List

You may occasionally want to save a videos to your favorites list.

Frequently Ask Question

Everything you need to know so you can use GREC:Recorder like a pro

Absolutely yes! App uses server-side recording technology which allows you to use your phone while your Instagram videos are recorded in the background!
Yes! You can record as many videos as you want at the same time!
Yes, you can download recorded videos or watch online.
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